Puppy Prep School

Puppy Prep School

An introductory program designed for puppies 12 weeks to eight months

An introductory program designed for puppies 12 weeks to eight months. This specialized curriculum encompasses a variety of new sights and sounds, supervised play with balanced dogs, and crate time. The time spent in this program will teach your pup how to be a social, balanced, A+ student when they graduate to traditional daycare, as well as experience the world.

Early exposure and desensitization to a variety of situations, people, and experiences, and confidence will help reduce the chances of developing fears and anxieties in response to unknowns. Throughout the program, we will introduce common things such as XY and Z. Supervised play sessions with dogs of varying sizes, ages, and play styles assists in teaching the appropriate play, managing conflict without aggression, and when to take breaks in play. Brain games will build attention, confidence, and problem-solving skills setting your pup up to become a well-adjusted, thriving adult dog. Additionally, puppies require an average of 18-20 hours a day of sleep and frequent breaks in order to prevent overstimulation and exhaustion. To teach self-regulation and allow for rest, they nap in airline crates creating a den and assisting you with crate training at home. Their quiet space will be fitted with comfy blankets, calming spray, and a nap time treat. They will recharge and rest in-between lessons. Upon completion of Puppy Prep School, or when showing readiness, we will discuss your pup's transition to daycare with you.

Puppy Prep School is offered Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 8:30 am - 4 pm, with every puppy taking a midday lunch/nap break (please bring in lunch for your pup). Drop off before school is available starting at 7 am, with the latest pick up at 7 pm.

At this time registration for Puppy Prep is on hold. Please email academy@wagsclubfordogs.com to be included on a waitlist for future enrollment.
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Your youngster will experience:

  • Supervised socialization with other puppies and select adult dogs in a small group setting
  • Structured daily activities, brain games, meal, and nap times
  • Introduction to crate and basic obedience training
  • Supported potty training
  • Introduction to grooming (includes limited grooming services, nail trim, ear, and teeth cleaning, twice during program $66 value)
  • Progress reports each week
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The fine print:

  • Registration is rolling but required to participate
  • Must have first two rounds of shots, and the Bordetella vaccination
  • Offered Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at this time
  • Hours: drop off by 8:30 am; pick up begins at 4 pm
  • 2-day or 3-day per week pricing options available