Is your application and waiver available for download?

Yes, our application and waiver form is available for download. Click here to get the file.

How do we get started?

We love to welcome new pack members! There are a few things to do to get started. Be sure your pup has the required vaccinations. We require Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella. Dogs recently adopted must be in home for two weeks prior to coming to daycare or boarding and show no signs of coughing, sneezing, or any other symptoms of illness. All dogs 7 months or older must be spayed or neutered. Finally, fill out our application (link to application/waiver) and give us a call to schedule your Orientation Day any weekday between 7 – 10 am. After your first day, day care is on a drop-in basis, with no reservation required.

It’s important to note that we only allow a limited number of orientations in one day to be able to give your pup our full attention.

What happens on our Orientation Day?

Arrive at your scheduled time and one of our Pack Leaders will greet you! Be sure to bring a copy of current vaccinations, or email those ahead of your appointment to While you fill out our application, we will get to know your pup and allow time for them to get comfortable in their new surroundings. We will go over all the necessary information and all of the special details of your dog’s preferences. The Pack Leader will then bring your dog to the play area and give him some time to take in the new sights, sounds, and smells. We will introduce the first dog, one who is mild-mannered and socially-savvy. After the appropriate greeting process, we will continue to note the interaction, watching for any signs of fear or stress. When they are each comfortable, we will introduce another dog and observe. We continue the introductions slowly until your pup has a group of new friends!If all goes well, you are free to leave and we invite your dog to stay about 2-4 hours with us to let us continue to assess his body language, comfort level, and play style; as well as, let him become more comfortable with us and his new friends. We want to be sure that his first day is successful and fun without being overwhelming and exhausting. This half day will be very exciting so it is common for new dogs to be tired for the remainder of the day.

What is a typical day like?

Depending on what time your pup arrives for the day or if they stay overnight, below is a pretty typical day.
6:30 am Rise and shine! Breakfast and potty time.
7:00 am Wags opens and day care friends begin to arrive.
9:00 am Group exercises and open playtime.
11:30 am Lunches are prepared.
12:00 pm Quiet play or nap time.
1:00 pm Group playtime resumes.
4:30 pm End of day routine begins. Day care friends begin leaving.
5:00 pm Dinners prepared and served.
6:00 pm Evening chill time with overnight guests.
9:30 pm Night Night! Bedtime treats and snuggles.

What do I bring for an overnight stay?

We encourage bringing a favorite bed or blanket from home because, well, everyone prefers their own bed; but we do have cots, beds, blankets, bowls, and lots of stuff to make your loved ones stay as comfortable as possible. Be sure to bring enough food for the duration of their stay (when in doubt, add an extra scoop or two). Every overnight guest has the option of a bedtime treat of a frozen peanut butter/pumpkin filled Kong, marrow bone, or frosty paw!

My pet is on medication/is on a special diet – can you accommodate?

Sure! Just let us know the individual needs of your pet and we will make it happen at no extra charge.

How can I be more involved with my dog and day care?

We love to provide opportunities for you to bond with your dog and meet other animal lovers. Our social events include: Playgroup with Parents every Saturday, the annual Puppy Play & Pour, Halloween party, and more. Check our Facebook page for the most current listing of upcoming events.

What is your refund policy?

Fees paid are non-refundable. However, should a refund be necessary, any balance will be applied to your account to be used on future services and products.