For the times when life happens and you have to be away from your dog, we are here for you 365 days a year, including holidays! You will have the peace of mind knowing your special furry family member will will enjoy all day playtime, their own suite for dining and sleeping, relaxing classical music to wind down the day, and all the snuggles needed for a good night’s sleep. Additional bedtime treat options of frozen peanut butter/pumpkin kong, marrow bone, or frosty paw are also available. 

We encourage bringing a favorite bed or blanket from home because, well, everyone prefers their own bed; but we do have cots, beds, blankets, bowls, and lots of stuff to make your loved ones stay as comfortable as possible. Be sure to bring enough food for the duration of their stay (when in doubt, add an extra scoop or two).

Boarding pricing is $46 per 24-hours per suite. Additional dogs sharing the same suite are $34 per dog per 24-hours. A half day daycare charge will be applied if pick up time is later than drop off.
To uphold the structure necessary for the dogs in our care, we encourage drop off either before noon or after 4 pm. We understand that travel plans vary and can be stressful for both you and your pup so we will work with you to make your vacation plans as enjoyable as possible. Contact us to reserve check in and out times that are convenient for you. 

As boarding has a limited capacity, reservations are appreciated, especially during the summer months and holidays. 

A playful pup crouches in front of a toy

In loving memory of Enzo